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The Farm!

The 'new' farm is located on a road once called Happy Valley Road. How much fun is that!? This road was special enough to the residents of River Falls, WI to encourage them to establish the 'Rustic Road' designation. 


Like most small farms, our 15 acres was a part of a larger farm that down through the years was split off, rented, and sold. In recent history it was a sheep farm and then a horse farm. 


After years of neglect the pastures were over-run with golden rod and thistles. With carefully managed cattle grazing, the fields are once again filled with native grasses and wild flowers.

You are welcome to visit and meet the lads and see the good work they are doing on the farm! Please call ahead to schedule a time!

St. Croix Valley CSA. serving Eastern Minnesota and Western Wisconsin CSA


Grass Fed Beef

Fall Availability

Cuts, Quarters, Halves and Wholes!

Nothing but delicious, 100% grass fed, heritage breed beef. Never fed grain or antibiotics and growth hormone free. Use the button below to contact Farmer Sara for more details, and pricing.






What's a Farm without Partners?


Please visit these local retailers and restaurants, they support local farms!
River Market Co-op
WE Market
The Wilder
Please support these local organizations, they help make our community vibrant!



Our Community Kitchen
Land Stewardship Project


Upcoming events:

It's winter time on the farm, and that means farm planning!
Check back in the spring for events!



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